Toshiba 2SC3281/2SA1302 - Are these fakes?

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Hello All,

I recently received some Toshiba 2SC3281 & 2SA1302 transistors from Parts Express. I'm concerned about these being fakes. I've attached an image of what I received. I was thrown off by the 2SA1302 being green in color.

Has anyone received authentic parts from Parts Express?

Thanks for your help,


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SA/Sc fakes?

I have the same colour devices as you have. They also look identical including the printing. I bought these in Singapore. I bought them several times from different shops and they all look the same. They also work fine. Your devices look just like mine and so should be OK. Besides Parts Express will not play games with customers.
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I have bought these in the past from Dalbani in the US and have recieved both black and green ones, with no apparent difference in performance. I wouldn't worry. I mean, if you were on an assembly line making these transistors, wouldn't you want a change now and then, if only in the color?;)

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Fakes ??

I beleave they are fakes, since the typing is not in line with the casing on the green one (The 2SA1302A was green on the older models). Also there must be either an O or an R to tell what range the HFE is this is missning on the 2SA3281A.

The housing must be about 20 * 25,5 [mm]

I beleave that Toshiba has now replaced them with 2SA1943 (PNP) and 2SC5200 (NPN)

So any transistors bought now are either old or fakes.

ONsemi has them under the name MJL3281A/1302A

Fake or not.

I would think that you should try to measure out the hfe and the HV breakdown limit of the devices you have. Alternatively use it in a simple power amp and see if it works well. I have seen slightly different priniting on power devices before but never had a problem. Instead of worrying yourself ,just use it and see if it works fine.
I've bought 100's of these, and they didn't all look exactly the same. Some black and green, some all black; but all in Toshiba packages. All had letters for the beta range.

The early Motorola versions were re-branded Toshibas, as Motorola had trouble getting the yield up on theirs. No guarantee they ever got it together.

OnSemi's named them MJL3281A/MJL1302A, as opposed to the Toshiba equivalents (2SC/2SA). They have a shared spec doc:

You can also order samples from them-- up to ten of each, so long as you don't give them a free email address (hotmail, yahoo, etc). I had to change my profile.. I hope they don't sell my info.

Anyway, they also have spice models 'n stuff. Good resource.
In Thailand we find lots of fakes of the popular SANKEN Audio power transistors. They blow up quickly as is clear from the following:
Maybe these Toshiba's are fakes too.

Too find out with the SANKEN's I measured the Cob and Cib. The fakes have much smaller chips and consequently show half the input- and output capacitances.
Just compare the capacitances of the a real one with a suspected fake one with a handheld capacitance meter and find out quickly!

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