Toroidy suspend offer to UK...

That's perfectly OK.
Polish don't wanna export, who cares!

There's plenty of top quality transformer winders in the UK, and stuff from the USA is plenty cheap too, with import taxes dropping soon.

Will be the same way when Mercedes and Porsche are facing bankrupcy if they don't want to flog their cars in the UK, buy Japanese or Chinese from Hong Kong like the good old times...
We are still in the EU for another 11 months so nothing to do with us leaving.

Toroidy seem to differ with you there...quote from them received Tues 21st

"Hello, To be honest, we have to suspend our offer because of “Brexit”. We haven`t got any details about the shipping costs, taxes etc. after “Brexit”.

Best Regards / Serdecznie pozdrawiam,
Michal Waluszko

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