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Toroidal Transformer 46Vx2 10Ax2 1000VA


2005-09-08 1:48 am
I have a new 1000A toroidal transformer for sale.

Asking USD50 plus shipping


Primary 120V
Secondary 46V x 2 10A each
Capacity 1000VA
Diameter 6 inches
Height 2.75 inches
Weight approx 14.5 lb
Location Connecticut

Image file attached


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    xformer label.jpg
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2005-09-08 1:48 am
Hi pinial26,

Yes, the transformer primary is 230Vac when configured in series.

Assume the transformer can fit into a USPS Priority Flat Rate Box,
the postage will be USD37.00 up to 20 pounds. Plus $1 for certificate of mailing and $3.30 for insurance. USPS claimed that it would take 10 days to reach France. I will go the post office to check on the size of the flat rate box.

Also, I have 2 computer grade capacitors for sale. They were used and were in excellent condition. They were manufactured in 2001.

I used them to test power amps but never installed permanently. They probably saw less than 100 hours of use. The studs, the electrical connection to the cap, were installed with heli-coils to make them more robust and long lasting (mechanically). The mounting brackets were new.

I tested them with rated voltage (75Vdc) on a Sencore LC analyzer which registered >72000uF for each cap. This indicated that they are still electrically strong. Asking USD48 for the pair.

If you or someone can buy all of them, I will offer $10 discount PLUS two new 35A 400V bridge rectifiers and two new SL32 anti-surge PTC resistors as a gift.

Thanks for looking.


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