Toroidal positioning


2010-08-01 12:55 pm

Opps forgot image link.


2010-08-01 12:55 pm
No right channel at first. Although turned out to be a dry solder joint on the selector circuit board go figure.

Needs some improvements though. Ground leads need a proper connection to the chassis,

I had to extend one of the the signal input cables so that need replacing with a proper equal length connections.

I accidentally ordered a euro out rather than an in cable so at the moh power is hard wired in. So that needs doing as well, oh yeah and securing down the transformer.

Any UK sourced attenuator suggestions?
toroids can sometimes send flux out that peaks in a few directions rather than exactly evenly all the way around.

These peaks can interfere with the cables around your amplifier and the traces on the PCB.

You can experiment with the orientation of the toroid to find a null that minimises the toroid flux effect on the two amplifiers.

To do this you need longer and more flexible leadouts on the transformer.

Any excess length can be cut off and/or dressed into corners/locations where least interference is heard/measured.