Topping TP60 vs HLLY TAMP-90 vs ?

I have a Topping TP20 MkII which I really like. However I'm curious about testing out a similar, but more powerful, amp. Being very happy with the TP20 (and a "Super T-Amp" before that) I've been looking at the TP60 and the TAMP-90. The TAMP-90 I've found some information on and how the sound is compared to the 2020 and 2024 based amps. Most users seem to be happy with it. The TP60, on the other hand, I haven't found that much about. Which one would you say is the better one regarding sound quality? Are they different in sound? The interior of the Topping LOOKS more professional, but that doesn't have mean anything. The Topping have two inputs, a plus, but not a deal breaker. It also have better looks, which is nice, but the sound is most important. Are there other similar amps out there at about the same price that I should look into?


2013-04-17 4:15 pm
I have and use several topping amps:
TP21 25wpc 4ohm, 14wpc 8ohm,
TP22 30wpc 4ohm, 15wpc 8ohm

Couple of questions for you
How much power are you looking for ?
What ohm speaker are you planning to use with amp?
Portability ?
Will you be using as a headphone amp ?
How many inputs do you need ?
My speakers are fairly easy to drive. They are 92dB and 4 ohms. I now have a TP20 MkII, as I said, and while it can play pretty loud and with pretty good control I'm wondering if either the the TP60 or TAMP-90 might give a little better support and control at the low end and possibly drive the speakers a little lower in frequency. So, I'm not looking for MASSIVE power, but I'm curious if a little more power would add a little more grunt. Portability is not a factor since this system is stationary. I have a separate headphone amp and I run my present TP20 MkII with a preamp that have 4 inputs, which normally is all I need. It's only on some occasions if a friend visits and would like to put in their phone or MP3 player one more input would be nice. As I said, not a deal breaker.
I've had both the Lepai LP-2020A+ and the Dayton DTA-100a for several months. They were acquired mainly to satisfy my curiousity, and I am amazed at their performance and bang-for-buck factor. They've been used in my office system where they were auditioned with a wide variety of speakers. Short verdict: I prefer the sound and 4 ohm capability of the Lepai, but the Dayton is clearly more powerful and a little more "clinical".

I recently ordered a Topping TP60 with the intention of using it as a summer substitute amp in my main system. My main amp is a Bedini 25/25, which sounds great but can double as a hot plate. Since I live in Arizona, this can be a problem. My speakers are ADS L1290s, with stated sensitivity of 90db/1watt/1meter and 8 ohm impedance. I've been switching between the two amps for about a month now and feel that the TP60 is a great value (I paid $220 delivered) and will serve its purpose this summer. The Bedini sound is smooth, clear and shows a lot of authority in the low frequencies. The TP60 seems to be voiced to emphasize the mids and high frequencies. The lows are solid and tight, but a little too subdued. The other thing I noticed with TP60 was a slight midrange glare that I could hear when I pushed it hard. I never noticed any clipping, but always backed off the volume at that point.

I've listened to the TP60 with and without a preamp (Bedini & Nakamichi CA5) and prefer the sound with a preamp. Neither preamp has tone controls, so the next step for me is to drag out an equalizer to find out how much of the difference I hear between the TP60 and my 25/25 is due to frequency response anomalies. I don't have a scope, so my ears will have to do. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase. I hope my experience helps you make a decision, but as with any amp/speaker pairing, synergy is critical. As you may know, this amp is available from a couple of US retailers who accept returns.

Good luck!


2013-04-17 4:15 pm
I've been thinking about getting the DTA-100a to power backpack I have. I have been using a topping tp22. I have been real happy with it, but when I go on a trip I switch it with the lower power tp21 so I can use the headphone amp on the plane. The dta-100 has more power and a headphone amp. Thought it might do the trick. What is it about the dta-100a that you think is clinical ? Can you elaborate more on the dta-100a and are you using it to drive 4 ohm speakers? Thanks for the info.

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@ rjsaenz: Maybe clinical wasn't the best term to use. By comparison to the Lepai (which seems to emphasize the mid-range), the Dayton resolves lots of detail that I hadn't heard before on familiar sources. I can hear finger nails on guitar strings, brushes on drum heads and sometimes whispering voices in the background. The Lepai just sounds more reticent in this area. I hooked a pair of KEF C75s up to the Dayton before I realized they were 4 ohm. I didn't have any problems, but I wouldn't risk it for continuous use. It also sounded great with Mission 760s, which are 6 ohm. BTW, the Dayton is on sale at PE.


2009-04-07 10:23 pm
I have a Topping TP20 MkII which I really like. However I'm curious about testing out a similar, but more powerful, amp. Being very happy with the TP20 (and a "Super T-Amp" before that) I've been looking at the TP60 and the TAMP-90. ...

At this point I'm disgusted with the lack of support from HLLY. I've been trying for weeks to get information on how to bridge the TAMP-90 for mono operation, a modification mentioned in their website. I bought it for use as a monoblock, and at this point I'm ready to sell it and get something else.

If you have any hopes of getting any sort of customer service from HLLY, you're better going somewhere else. Good luck if there is anything wrong with their products.