Topaz line 1 power conditioner

I got one of these surplus. It is the size of a very large shoebox (bigger than your typical computer UPS) and weighs about 40 pounds. The weight was off center so I suspected it might have a huge transformer instead of batteries inside.

Sure enough It has a huge transformer!
Also a metal cage w/ cicuitry.
It is made by Square D and is rated 1000VA
It has an adjustment + or minus 5% or 7.5%

I suspect that it regulates the voltage. If I plug my son o Zen into this thing will it sound great because it overcomes the lack of regulation in the SOZ power supply? or will it add noise or something?. Generally, is this something that I should plug all my audio equipment into (it has 4, 120 receptacles) or avoid like the plague?

Resonant Transformer?


I do not have the Topaz literature close at hand. Typically these are devices known as resonant transformers. They are a type of RC device that regulates voltages quite well. Some of the Topaz units give 140 dB of noise isolation from the line as well. They are very well made, very effective and quite costly when new.

These devices can however be very loud and will more often than not run quite warm. Do not enclose them in such a manner that they will be unable to shed heat.

As for their ability to help Aleph / Zen or similar..... well, that depends on what's coming from the wall outlet. Will not cost you anything to try it out!

Look, up in the air- it's Cyclotronguy!

Thanks for the info. I STILL haven't finished the simplest DIY project around- the son of Zen. So I couldn't just try it

Sounds like the device is a keeper- Now my SOZ might have the Topaz box, 10 amp Variac, 2 power supplys, 2 transistor/resistor towers. About zero SAF.

Coincidentely I was cruising my favorite surplus sites, and found about the same thing here:

It's half the capacity of mine, but only $60.
Watch out for the 45 lb shipping weight though!!

Good to hear from you -still waiting for Madisound to get the Fostex drivers I want- any day now they say!

We used to have 3 phase resonant constant voltage transformers at my works, sometimes used for single phase. Each transformer was too heavy to lift and I seem to recall them getting fairly warm. Great for a lot of things but I remember that some non-PFC SMPS had issues with huge ripple but were OK on normal mains AC.