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Top of the line tweeters/woofers, new,cheaply

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Morel UW, Scan speak revelator, vandersteen 7 subs, Audax etc

Hi, due lack of time for new DIY projects seling some stock of my drivers. Most of them are new, some sitted on the shelf quite a bit.
EU sale is prefered. Shipping is 15-25eur depending on location. Paypal accepted but you pay fees or send without fee(check my drivers sales-over 300psc in last 10years)

All items priced for sale not for selling ;)

3) Morel UW958, 9" Ultimate Subwoofers with 5.1" VC

Used in Magico high end speakers . Construction of those beasts are second to none. Those LOVE POWER. Drivers are new, never used ,I just take them out for box to take photo and test to be sure its OK after two years storage. 2 psc available . They were about 800EUR/pair if I remember corectly. Get here for 200EUR/each

4) Audax HM210Z10 8" Aerogel Midrange

For sale Audax HM210Z10 8" Aerogel Midrange units. The only drivers which have most of sensitivity in lower midrange (its not rising as in PA drivers)-exactly where it should be. It the only driver having this feature I was able to find. Drivers are new 2015 year stock, Those costed 270eur/pair get here for 150EUR/pair

5) Fountek NeoX3.0 black SOLD

Scan Speak 26W/8861T00 single unit, apears to be unused, no markings or rubber, tested to extreme excursion functions 100% as new. MSRP 350EUR, will sel for 140EUR

Scan Speak d2905/990000 SOLD
Scan speak 18W8545K00 midwoofers new used new may have transportation sotrage defects on baskets 90eur/each

Focal Diablo Utopia midwoofer used 160eur

Vandersteen model 7 12inch dual push pull subwoofers 200eur/psc original MSRP over 700EUR , 3 psc available


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