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Top Hat Tube Dampers

A new approach to reducing tube microphony! The Top Hat is machined from a slug of high density metal, into a unique and novel shape. The Top Hat, when attached to a small-signal tube (ie. 9-pin), is designed to lower internal microphonics, and to lower the tube's suseptibility to microphonics induced from external sources. The Top Hat is glued to the top of the tube, using an easily removable adhesive. This allows the top hat to be re-used almost indefinitely. The Top Hat tube dampers and container of adhesive. Reg $129.00, Sell$50.00

Bought for my tube phono stage, but abandoned the project.


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Aleph Ono // Tophats


Thanks for your returns on my posting "Aleph Ono / Xono" today..hope to build an Ono soon. I have an Atma-Sphere MP3 which I like very much but I am having a problem with some nice sounding (but microphonic) Mullards in it. Do you still have the Tophats? If so, I would like to buy them. Look forward to listening to a very quiet and flexable phono section with the Ono, hope it's as musical as my Atma


Keith (KDT)