Tools: Need Air stapler recommendation

...since its getting warm out, its time to start building boxes again. This time instead of using time consuming drywall screws that require predrilling etc, I'm going to be using staples to put my boxes together. I need some recommendations on air staplers.

I've narrowed it down to these two:

PS- what is the point of a radial arm saw, if I already have a table saw, circular saw, jig saw and mitre saw?
I also prefer Stanley-Bostitch products. You can buy a Bostitch on Ebay for the same or less with warranty(Stanley sells through Ebay), and much, much better than the Harbor Freight stuff.

Radial Arm saw for rapid cutting, production style, wider ripping than miter saw. Miter saw will probably do 80% of a radial arm saw.
Stay away from the Harbor Freight Stapler I got two of those & had to return both. Oiled it properly and used the right air pressure and they both blew out the rubber o-rings.

Bought the Bostitch @$100 and installed about 400 feet of moulding in my house with NO problems!!

BTW THANK YOU big time for the great idea of using a nail gun for glued panels.

Just reminds me how "duh I didn't think of that" that I am sooooo very often.

x. onasis

2003-01-03 2:48 am
I've been using pneumatics daily for over 25 years and have 10 guns. Staplers are handy, but a finish nailer is more versatile if you only have one gun. Buy the best you can, you'll eventually spend more on fasteners.

I like Paslode the best, and PorterCable much better than Bostitch. I'd recommend the PC that shoots up to 2 1/2" nails. Second gun would be the 1/4" crown stapler.