Tools? Dremel or Rotozip?

I already have a Dremel and wanting to buy the spiril attachment to use to cut speaker hole. Is it powerful enough? If it is powerful enough I think I will go get a rotozip. I live in a condo so, no big power tools. (I wish I can get a router and a saw.:D )

Also I am just planning to cut some 1/2 inch MDF or plywood to first try out the design. I never done these kind of stuff so I am asking a lot of questions.. hehee. Also I can get the bigger cut done at home deport right? (Like those striaght cuts to build the box)



2002-02-11 6:51 am
I'd get one of the spiral bits and just try it out first. I've only got one of the cordless dremels so I can't tell you about that, but I've also got a RotoZip (I live about 20 miles away from them) works good on .75 MDF, I can't remeber what bits work better, the bits get really hot and break on thicker stuff though!
As for your last question, yes your large cuts can be done at your local home renovation store (unfortunately there aren't any home depots here yet). A friend of mine had all his cuts done there since he doesn't own a radial arm saw.

But even if you live in a condo why not use a jig-saw to cut the wholes in your MDF (they aren't that loud)?
Stay away from the "all purpose" carbide bits, you know, the ones that just have little teeth on them (almost like a file or rasp). They dont even budge in MDF, you need one of those special cutting bits. I use Craftsman ones, if they break, they are supposed to be lifetime guaranteed.


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2000-10-10 7:27 pm

I've been cutting 1/2" MDF with the RotoZip. It is very loud. I put protection in my ears. If you get one, get one that has a flat edge guide that will help in cutting a straight line. Depending on the material, you'll be going through bits quockly. Good news is a set of 5 are cheap.