Took me 5 hours flat.

It's amazing what having the proper tools can do... with the aide of a table saw and chop saw I borrowed from work I was making speaker cabs at the speed of sound (pun intended).

Seriously I converted one sheet of g1s 3/4" spf (and some loose 2x4 I had in the truck) into these two monsters in five hours! I recognize this probably isn't really all that amazing but I'm still proud:) My last build was a much more ponderous and agonizing affair.

Note's on design:

Driver openings are rounded over on the inside to ease airflow.
Rough nature of openings is because I've realized noone can see them once the drivers are in! (also I intend to replace them with much nicer 10" woofers down the road). (these will be cheapos)

Small isobaric chamber for midwoofers.

Tweeter opening not yet cut because I haven't decided on a tweeter yet.

Rear baffle to be easily removable for tinkering, I afforded a lip onto which I will install that weatherstrip stuff we all love.


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