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Too many projects, too little space

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Pieces that I've moved on from or won't get to. please do your own shipping math, ships from area code 55419 via USPS. There's a small chance that if take things in trade: phono carts, orsonic or micro seiki headshells, and definitely local woodworking.

Pair Scan-speak 18W/85535-00, $220
Pair scan-speak D2010/851300, $100
Pair "Jacque" crossovers for Proac clones with silly boutique parts (Mills, Sonicaps, foil inductors), $100 if you buy the drivers above, otherwise I'll put the parts in my parts bin. If you're local, I have a nice pair of CNC cut cabinets for these.

Gently used set of Wildburro Betsy, $60.
(Plenty of new Betsy in stock!)

Pair, scan-speak D2905/9300, need to be cleaned of dust, $40.

Magnet-fabrik Dortmund (Saba/Telefunken) tweeters.
A bunch of 8" oval alnico drivers from magnet-fabrik Dortmund. (Telefunken).

Sony 2251 in original sprung plinth. $300. There is some minor oxidation on the bare steel (edges of platter and a spot on the control surface.) Brought up on variac after a few years on a shelf. Holds steady speed even if brush platter with fingers: i.e. The magnetic servo is all good. A fantastic turntable. Id sell just the motor unit for the same price if you didn't want to ship the heavy plinth.

9" Jelco, $120.
Functional but missing the latch for the stand.

Micro seiki 505 tone arm, $280.
Early model with the funny baseplate for mounting on a consumer grade micro turntable. Bare wire connections. No headshells.

Eico ST-40 transformers, $220. I actually have the entire piece minus the tubes, but the case is pretty rough. Transformers ohm out good.

I'll update this thread when things are sold or added.
Cabinets are thick mdf with tar liners. I'd guess more than 30lb/each. I'm not sure shipping would be any cheaper than having a cabinet shop build them for you. Minneapolis has great food though, so if you drive up I'll at least buy dinner.

Wood shops around here are hard to come by, and crazy busy, and expensive.
I'll send a PM. Very interested. Do you have pics of the lot?
Good morning dear Member d to the g.
Thanks for reply.
I don't know what you mean with X and S. I guess they are different shapes of bodies. but could you send some picture to specify. I am interested in this tonearm with both shapes of body.
Best Regards
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.