Tonsil Speakers

Hi all,
does anyone out there have any experience with Tonsil Speakers ?

I'm thinking about building a box similar to the VOX251 by Visaton, but using Tonsil Speakers. Unfortunately, on their website they dont have the drivers I can get, and I could find the TSP only for the woofers.
So especially I'd like to know more about the driver types:
GTC8/100/1, GTC11/130, GTC12/60.

Any suggestions about the crossovers? I took actice crossovers and individual amps for woofer, midrange and tweeter into account, but the GTC12/60 I'd like for the midrange is specified from 500Hz to 10kHz, so the low end is fairly high?!?! In that case, I'm unsure about the rolloff slope for the xover!

Any comments and suggestions are highly welcome.

I used to have factory made speakers with Tonsil drivers.
One set was 50W bookshelf speaker, the other one (which
I still own and am trying to get rid of) was Alton 70W.
The last set is probably good for disco. The small one
was much better but still not really good.
Tonsil has now some "high endish" designs, but I am not sure whether they use their own drives there.
I have checked their naming conventions for drivers
(it is on their home page but not in the english version).
I haven't found codes that you name. Maybe they use different codes for export (I now it sounds silly, but it might be the case) or it was some obsolete coding.
E-mail them and ask for TS parameters or at least for
the equivalent code names.