Tokyo Ko-On Denpa POTs (anyone has experience on this ones?)

I've used a 100K and a 50K version of these conductive plastic pots. I've found that compared to an Alps Black or Blue the sound is more neutral. Although I'm not sure (my system doesn't have much resolution) resolution probably falls between the Black and Blue, but more towards the Black.
The biggest problem I've had with the TKD is noise when twisting the pot. This noise gradually decreases as the months go by but never totally goes away.
The neutrality of the pot is probably its greatest strength. If your system doesn't have much character to begin with however, using this pot may make everything sound a little boring. Top end airiness seems to be missing too.
I like the light, warm, slightly smokey character of the ALPs Blue and the solidity and slightly dark ambience the Aps Black seems to add. It's a matter of preference I guess.