toe in, neutral or toe out??????

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That's really difficult to answer... its different for every speaker, every listening environment, every person's personal preference. Generally, on axis response (with the speaker pointed directly at you) could be considered more 'detailed' or brighter, but sometimes harsh. Off axis can be smoother at the sacrifice of detail. There is no right or wrong answer.
Your best bet is to start by playing some of your favorite music with only one speaker hooked up. Staying roughly at the level you will be seated at while listening, and move from being right in front to 4 feet to the right or left. listen to how the response changes as you move. If you like it with the speaker pointed at you, toe in your speakers to start. If you like it better when you're off to the side, start with the speakers pointing straight out. Once you have set up both speakers how you think will work best going off the first test with one speaker, start making adjustments to both to suit your needs. My WiBAQs sound best pointed straight out, since full range drivers sound better slightly off axis.
Thank you for the info. Is in your set up imaging oke, even if your not sitting in the centre (50 cm off ) of the speakers.
If i am not sitting in the centre ( a have 2 chairs next each other) voices are more coming from the speakers. would this be normal???
Hi Wily (guys),
A quick reminder that most of my driver designs have rising responses in their high range output for the purpose of on-off axis alignment choice.

For those who position cabinets in or near the corners of rooms, you might wish to toe-out a little more from your central listening position. This might help to off-set side reflection but still will require experimentation as in some situations, the effect could be reversed. You might have to bring the cabs in further away from the corners, or (subject to WAF/PAF approval) think about adding damping materials to the walls. For bigger room set-ups with wider clearances from end-walls, corners etc, toeing-in may be beneficial.

Me personally, in my smaller home studio, I like to set-up around 10 to 15 degrees off-axis from my comfy sofa. I'm currently testing a proto Alpair 10 with an extended high range, finding these working well at 15 degrees off from my sofa.

Each to their own, several of my audio friends in Hong Kong like to hear all detail from their Alpair's so stay strictly on-axis, their drivers facing directly towards the listening position. Interestingly, all these guys are using warm tube amps........ummmph whereas I'm running Mosfet Accuphase E308 amp and DP67 for source.

The golden rule is to spend time experimenting on cabinet positioning as each room and musical preference is near unique.

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