To save or to trash the Audiovox


Finally looking at the Audiovox AVX-900 as the ole Craig that got fixed sounds just awful. Current symptoms, when the power is turned on, no response from the buttons, display (inverted), tape deck constantly spins and ignores input. Poking around, at least the top two blue capacitors have leaked, and I am going to assume the rest of the blue ones have. Audio amps are a paired NEC C1182H-3, C1181H-3(?) (cant see it), tuner is a toshiba t1400-U with an iron core tuner. I havent dug around the rest of the radio, but I am going to assume all blue caps will need to be replaced. I know its really up to me, but based on the hardware, would it be worth it to save this radio? It concerns me that not even the display turns on...

358158598_658931339043602_5641320526447991916_n.jpg 358131765_807759537587582_7157866768294488067_n.jpg 357989781_288057843793584_2168056601376648562_n.jpg 357633945_2238738639668377_2989261787930277436_n.jpg
I think the first thing you should do is to get the radio out of cassette mode and into AM/FM. Is the cassette deck in the position that allows you to insert a cassette?
I already tried putting a tape in and out of it multiple times with no luck. The micro switch for the tape deck connects directly to one of the leaking capacitors. I can check tomorrow with a multimeter to see if the switch itself is working.