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TKD Stereo 50K Linear Taper Potentiometers

FS: TKD Stereo 50K Linear Taper Potentiometers PRICE DROP!

I have a few TKD potentiometers available. All of them are dual linear taper 50K resistance made with conductive plastic. These are all new and unused. Pricing is $40 for the 2CP-2500 (25mm size) type and $15 for the 2CP-601 (16mm size) type.



Shipping in the USA is $5 via USPS and outside of the US will be rated based upon location.

They are also listed on eBay:

TKD 50K Stereo Linear Potentiometer Balance Tone Level Control | eBay

TKD 50K Stereo Linear Potentiometer Balance Tone Level Control | eBay


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IM looking to buy two for the left gain and right gain on my SP-14 preamp. it looks like this:

im a little confused by thr use of the word "linear". im aware of two types of potertiometers:

1 - linear: that usually has many many turns and we never use in stereo equipment
2 - logarithmic: that only has one turn and we do use in stereo

so is this TDK not logarithmic?

At a glance; it looks like the TKD will work for the left/right gain on the SP14. You’ll just be using one side of each control to make it work. Send me a message if you need a little more explanation.

Here’s a breakdown of potentiometer curve types:

Potentiometer taper - audio taper >> Resistor Guide

In short, linear is typically used for tone, balance and level control. Log or audio taper is almost exclusively for level and volume control.

The controls I’m selling are all stereo linear taper.

They may be used as volume control if you add a resistor between the wiper and ground to create a pseudo-log taper:

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I despair of mine being delivered:(

On Feb 11th it departed Los Angeles and arrived in London on the 12th according to USPS. Now four days later it is back in Los Angeles awaiting dispatch from there international distribution centre. Some one in London needs there knuckles rapping.

Thanks afxdave for your prompt dispatching of the pot.