TK2050 Amp

I'am interested in this amp.
What I have heard is this is one of thew most detailed 2-channel amp,to be compared to other expensive audiophile amps.
I need to use this to drive my Orthodynamic headphones HE-6 which needs a speaker amp to rech its potential.
I would'nt know where to start as I haven't done any DIY but am willing to learn.
Thanks for your interest.Any information will be helpful.
Hello Kunalraiker,
I have heard only the best about this amp, the most recommended seem so be the Hiimediy, check this review,the guy is also testing it with headphones. Hifimediy TK2050 Amplifier | Headfonia


The writer of that article didn't even stop to consider the fact the output filter of the amp is not optimized for a 50-Ohm load. :rolleyes: