Tivoli Model One Aux Input Modification

Hi Everyone,
I just bought a Tivoli Model One radio and I like it a lot. The only thing that bothers me is the way that the aux input works. Basically, there is no aux input selector on the front of the radio; rather, in order to play the signal from an mp3 player, you have to plug in the 1/8" aux plug; this will cut the signal from the tuner to speaker and let you play your connected device.

Does anyone know of a way to modify the radio so that I can have a switch or button to toggle between the tuner and the aux input?

I know how you feel !


I have no idea but I sympathise as I have exactly the same issue. Love the sound from FM radio and it makes a pretty good kitchen CD system using a Mk 1 Sony Discman.

I have to fiddle round the back each time, and sometimes manage to get the wrong connection.

BTW I found the flexi 3.5mm -> 3.5mm cable which came with the Sonic Impact T-amp really good as it's just the right length for this purpose with the discman sat ontop of the Tivoli

I also run the radio from a linear 12v 500mA DC supply as the hum from the AC input I find a bit distracting
Good News!!!

Tivoli has fixed this problem on the "Model 1". They made a running production change to the "Model 1" and put an "aux" selector on the front of the new units.

Luckily, I bought mine from tweeter and the "new" unit came out within the 60 day grace period. So they let me swap it for the newer unit.