TIP35C Failure


2005-08-19 6:57 am

We have been using TIP35C in our solid state amps for a few years now.

In th past 6 months the failure rate of breakdown has gone up dramatically.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Has anyone expienced the same?

The circuit has not changed, and we had a unit come back after 6 years in use, with a minor resistor failure only.

We still use the same supplier.

Any thoughts welcome and appreciated.




2004-12-25 12:24 pm
Hi Peter,

We also face the same situation of failure rate once upon a while, though it was due to the changing of manufacturer of a compensation cap from on company to another...

kindly check all the components in your circuit whom are subjected to change in manufacturing firm or suppliers...

dont worry....but in my case i get upset very much.....

K a n w a r
I just ran into a batch of ST TIP35C/36C transistors in a client's amps that seem to be fake, Low gain, high saturation, and they blow for no apparent reason.

Although Iv'e had good luck using the ST parts in clients' designs teh last 5 years or so, with several hundred thousand parts used, if not millions, in various models, and this is the first time Iv'e seen problems, so have to assume theyr'e fake. These are sourced in China by OEM factories there.

For now wer'e switching over to ON Semi parts till teh ST part sourcing problem can be cleared up.

These pictures show genuine TIP35C and TIP36C from various sources. All them survived producing [email protected] ohms with +-41V regulated rails and a single pair of output devices (quite though a test). Open yours and compare, fakes will have a small die covered in white silicone.