Tiny Headphone Amps!


2005-06-19 10:03 pm
Alright, I have seen a lot of headphone amps out and about, and I have decided to make my own. I was wondering if anybody can point me in the correct direction. I have a few requests of any designs anyone can give me that are:

Small- both in overall size and amount of parts
Cheap- not necessarily cheap as in bad sounding and poorly made
No PCB- either point to point, or a predrilled board

If anyone has any suggestions it would be quiet nice! I plan on using this to drive my 64 ohm Behringer HPX2000, which are 100mv max. I would like a design that could be used with lower ohm loads also, maybe a selector for 64 or 32 ohm loads? Thanks a bunch for your time and suggestions!