Time alignment circuitry

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Assume that the tweeter must be 4" in front of the woofer. Is it possible to delay the signal sent to the tweeter so that it is time aligned with the woofer? What sort of circuit is required to do this? Can it be done without degrading the signal much?

In case you're curious, my idea is to mount three 10-12" woofers behind a newform ribbon spaced 15" apart and crossed over at 850hz (like the Selah Excelarray). Unless the newform blocks too much of the woofer to be effective (which I doubt at 850hz) it should produce a great line array according to w.prism.gatech.edu/~gte929u/LinusWP.pdf. That is, if it is possible to time align the woofers to the ribbon.
I thought about doing something similar, mounting the
ribbons on front of the 15's... But I abandoned the idea
because the issue you pointed out and the *what if * I wanted to use a higher crossover point later, then the ribbon would be choking the sound coming from the 15's. ie, the lambda 15's sound excellent full range (heh), perhaps I would use a higher crossover, maybe 1.2khz up to 2khz.. lol..

Mount the tweeter on the baffle (either left or right) of the woofer
would give me tweakability later. Doesn't matter, I didn't
proceed with this concept and I used something totally
different instead - hehehe

It would be interesting to see it done, but why not
add four woofers instead of three and space them as close
as possible (eye candy) - lol

Which woofers do you like? I think the Lambda's would
rule in this application.
What about the ribbons reflections on the panel behind it? Will this not smear the image? I would try to physically time align the ribbon with the cones by placing the ribbon to the outside of the woofer line so that the cones are closer to you by a distance equal to that of the difference between the voice coil and the ribbon. Or you could put the woofers underneath the ribbon and tilt the line back until "alignment" is acheived-ala' Theile.
There is only one way to find the best solution; buy the drivers and get out the heavy duty corrugated cardboard.

Sometimes I sits and listens and tweaks. Sometimes I just sits and listens.
regards, Jason
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.