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Tim Mellows OTL Power Supply Boards


Paid Member
2002-12-08 10:31 am

I have 4 power supply Boards for Tim Mellows OTL 6C33C Project for sales. All Boards including an Offset Circuit detector and all the Phoenix High-Voltage terminals.

Few details about the PCB:
- material: FR-4
- thick board: 2 mm
- thick Copper layers: 70um
- finish of layers: Au plated
- solder mask: dark blue

New Tim Mellows OTL project

Asking Price $35 each + 4% PayPal fee, shipping flat by Registered post from Germany.



  • T.Mellows PCBsm_Page_02.jpg
    T.Mellows PCBsm_Page_02.jpg
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  • T.Mellows PCBsm_Page_03.jpg
    T.Mellows PCBsm_Page_03.jpg
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  • T.Mellows PCBsm_Page_04.jpg
    T.Mellows PCBsm_Page_04.jpg
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  • T.Mellows PCBsm_Page_05.jpg
    T.Mellows PCBsm_Page_05.jpg
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  • T.Mellows PCBsm_Page_10.jpg
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