Tik Tok Pranks

This is a thing now I guess. Since I live on the corner I have been subject to a few apparently.

The first one was when someone was kicking my door like they were trying to break in. It was early evening and it was clear that I was home; the windows were open and the music was playing loud. I was very unnerved and called the police. They arrived virtually instantly but the prankster had already fled in a vehicle. The police said it was a Tik Tok prank.

The second prank was when they threw an orange power all over my yard and gardens. I did not know what this powder was but I thought the worst. The police did not come for that call but the dispatcher said that it was a Tik Tok prank.

Last night around 2 AM I heard commotion in the back yard. I could hear someone in my back and side yards and a vehicle was idling by the side of my house. They fled when I turned the lights on in the house. I do have motion detector lights in the back yard, driveway, and facing the alley, but this is evidently not a deterrent. When the police arrived, there were three suitcases on my property; one in the front yard, one in the side yard right underneath my bedroom window, and one in the back yard. The police took a while to arrive but when they did they arrived in multiple vehicles. They found the suitcases and carefully opened them. All three were empty. The police said once again that this is a Tik Tok prank.

I don't know the purpose of these pranks, but my prediction is that one day these pranksters are going to get Tic Toc'ed with a Glock. Playing around on someone's private property is just inviting a beat down.
My buddy just emailed me and reminded me about the Slender Man stabbing, where teens tried to murder another teen in order to appease the virtual character Slender Man. This world has truly gone insane with social media. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slender_Man_stabbing

He also had a poem.

Tik Tok meet my Glock
Prank me again and I'll stop your clock

Edit: My neighbor just told me that there were empty suitcases on the curb right down the block.
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Kids have always been kids, esp groups of boys of a certain age. Social media just makes it easier for them to kill themselves doing copy cats. One challenge was linked to around 20 deaths in 2021/22. However that challenge had been going around schools by word of mouth decades before. Annoying when it happens on your property.

Someone here must have known someone who as I kid put potatoes in the exhaust of cars to watch them fire out back in the last century?
I remember reading that boys learn by basically doing stupid and dangerous stuff. In fact, play in general is about learning for all species. Look at how bad male gorilla and chimpanzee juveniles behave - and how the silverback only tolerates so much before he corrects them. Sound familiar?

I only hope these boys have a silverback in their life to straighten them out.
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I did the potato in the exhaust thing when I was in college. I had a next door neighbor who hated college kids and he harassed me constantly- he would even stand by the windows to my house and stare inside. He called the cops on me at least two times a week (they hated him) saying I was having a "party" when I would stop home between classes and work for coffee and lunch.

Halloween was known for pranks at SIU. I knew if I was going to prank him the time to do it and get away with it was Halloween. I snuck out at 3 o'clock in the morning and wedged two nice big potatoes into the dual exhaust of his El Camino. When he started it in the morning it sputtered and died. He cranked it again and it didn't start. Then he opened the throttle and cranked it and it started with two large cannon shots. He almost had a stroke. I was trying not to laugh out loud because I was crouched by the window right by his driveway. He was a real prick and successfully pulling off this stunt was the highlight of my summer.