Tiger ply

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Is anyone familiar with plywood called Tiger Ply or Tiger Ply Light? I was offered this as a substitute for 3/4" Baltic Birch. The sales person was not very knowledgeable but insisted that it was void free with a birch exterior and a fir interior. She did not know the number of plys but would go to the warehouse and count them and call me right back. That was at 4:00CDST.

What do think...anyone used this and have an opinion?

We had C, D and E core sample shipments at our woodshop, and compared to European standards these are absolutely horrendous.

It wasn't void free as promised, the thickness varied as much as 2.5mm on the same board, and was duped with an insecticide/fungicide that meant it was impossible to work with without particle masks.

We ended up selling the sample shipment to a chipboard maker. I'd advice companies to ask for sample shipments first to see if their experience was as bad as ours before commiting themselves to using them. And I would flatly discourage DIYers from using it.
In NY area we have 2 products that are similar. One is of cause-Baltic Birch. The other one is Euro Ply which is a superior and more expensive product.
I am not familiar this Tiger ply but I would be very cautious. The quality of the plywood, available in USA has gone down dramatically in the last few years. Plywood warps like nobody’s business, huge voids in the cores and so on so forth. The uneven thickness of the panel is also problematic.
As we find out now, some plywood manufacturers in US and Canada has been purchasing cores from China. I have nothing against the people behind Great Big Wall but wood is wood and by the time the cores travel here from over sea it’s moisture content goes out of the window.
If your supplier can guarantee the product with a money back, I’d try it but the chances are he will not.
I had a look at that website and the bottom picture on the "Cores" page is what ubiquitous, regular grade Chinese plywood looks like.

I'm not sure I agree with the comment about ocean travel screwing up the moisture, how much better is travelling in a truck or railcar in the rain than crossing the ocean in a container?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.