Hello everybody
from the Texas site I downloaded this "tidc 032" volume control that I made using lme 49720 instead of the opa1604
the circuit works perfectly even the sharpness and tenfold my Sony X505ES CD, it sounds perfect, the difference in quality and clearly superior to the volume control that uses a PGA2311.
I still have two problems to solve, the first consists of which integrated to replace OPA 1604, which has the DIP socket.
is there a way to weld SMD components within the reach of us home builders?
second question that I can't understand is the fact that if I use opa 2134, those placed after the potentiometer melt, while with lme 49720 and lm 4562 no; everything works divinely, you can tell me why.
where I can find a 10K motorized alps in the Blu series

as usual thank you all


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is there a way to weld SMD components within the reach of us home builders?

Use fine solder and fine soldering tip.
Do not use silver solder. User a good 63/47 solder.
Use magnification to help see.

Add a bit of solder to 1 pad on the board.
With tool (pensil or tweezers) hold down device on all pads for the device.
Watch for part orientation on the board.
With solder tip touch both the pad and the device lead.
The solder will wet the pad and part lead. Hold until first solder joint has cooled down.
Solder the rest of the leads to the board pads.
That's it.
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with what can I replace the bids 1602/1604, I don't think the RC network is the same for LM4562.
unfortunately I don't know how it is calculated, there is someone who maybe can tell me what the values are for LM4562 or LME49720, unfortunately I don't understand why if I replace the integrated after the potentiometer with the opa2134 they burn, while the first one does not
thank you