Thumpin' Barn

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I thought that title might catch your attention :)

My Dad has a 28x40 2-story pole barn that I want to install speakers into. He’s been using a 20 year old boom box that sounds absolutely horrible and I was thinking of surprising him with some better sound. I have about 80 of the NSBs and 100 or so of the various Onkyo tweeter buyouts that I was thinking of using in the speakers. At first I was thinking of going with (2) 8 driver line arrays open baffle, mounted in the corners that are 40 feet apart and so they touch the ceiling (10’ ceilings, I think). Probably do a slight 5-10 degree down angle so you can hear the highs better.

Just now I was thinking maybe I could do a ceiling mount array, flush mounting the plywood to the floor joists that are 16” apart. I could make four of these with 4-8 drivers in each and essentially be a cheap and loud ceiling speaker. I think the ceiling speakers would look much better and be much easier to mount. Power will be fed by a 15 year old Sony receiver that does 20w x 2, which should be ample to power so many efficient drivers. If I go the four in ceiling speakers I’ll make them 16 ohms each so the receiver receives an 8 ohm load. I’m not worried about bass because anything below 100 Hz right now is non-existent with his “boom box”. I’m also sure I could boost the bass a little since there will be 16+ drivers handing it.

Any thoughts? All input is greatly appreciated!
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I think you can probably make the speakers work but you look to be a little short on the power if you plan to have friends over for after hours time. .:drink: Perhaps consider that in your budget.

Here is my idea for a barn. I wish I had the place to use them more. I don't have any friends that have a big piece of property and a barn like you. :bawling: That would certainly be a Thumpin' Barn.



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My Dad is happy with his little boombox with dual 3" speakers but I know he'd be elated to get some decent sound in there. He spends a few hours every weekend doing work in there on his `57 Chevy, tractors, and other odds and ends. He's 59 and never has people back there so this will be strictly for his listening pleasure.

I'm sure going with a setup like I mentioned above will afford him at least another 20db of output, if not more. :D
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