Thumbs up to all

Hi, I'm a newbie, but have read all the threads posted so far and think that you all are doing a brillant job on all your projects.

The thread that axel666 posted on page 87 has a link to a page about bouncing light of the screen instead of through it as in figure 3 on that page, has anyone done this yet but with just a lcd screen?

I'm currently constructing my projector as I'm writing, I'm using a sony 5" in car lcd screen sorry don't have part numbers this one has direct video input but is abit harder to pull the screen apart have had a few mishaps already but have fixed them I have no manuals for either of these screens so makes it very hard to trace inputs etc. I also have a sony 5" in car navigation system. This one has seperate lcd screen and looks easy to pull apart so far, it does'nt have direct rca inputs so I've got to talk to an electrian about how to hook up a input into it.

I'm rammbling abit, but some of you were having trouble with your light source, I had a thought about that and when I come to that I'm going to surround the light source in a pramid shape using mirror's and at the pointed end use a convex lens to focus the light through and then througha bit of special glass and then through the lcd screen and out through a concaved lens, don't know what type of lens yet?

If I'm totally on the wrong road don't hesiate to tell me, At the moment I'm just experimenting and stumbling a long the way:)

Keep up the good work everyone:D

Cheers Jason