Throwing out Kloss Novabeam One

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Are you building a "Home Theater" or just a place to watch a few movies and have a good time with family and friends?

Either way check out for good deals on projectors.

Search under:

LCD projector (cheapest, good quality, new ones are very good, you can get a new or barely used one on ebay for $1,000-$2,000)
with warranty. Lamps last 2000+ hours, lamp replacements
= $350 and up.

DLP Projector (great resolution, colors/contrast, new = $3,000 $5,000. Lamp lasts 1000 - 2000 hours - Lamp replacements
= $300 and up

CRT Projector (For the serious Home Theater, very costly, last very long time, 15,000 hours, high maintenence, new = $9,000 and up).

Depending on your requirements you should be able to find a replacement.

check out for more information.

only problem i see with crts is their size, weight and high maitenence. You have to go through a convergence once a month.
and really dont work well for small rooms. However, they give the best picture. I guess its a trade off. Quality for convenience.

I would stick to a good XGA LCD Projector.
Hmmm CRT's seem to still be the greastest projection technology and have been for many years. But they are expensive! The tubes are expensive to replace too. Also really hard to get focused and everything aligned right. I like DLP and LCD projectors due to their lower cost,simplicity, avaiblity of parts. Only thing that wears out really is the bulb. Also not possible to make a DIY crt projector.
It is possible to make crt projector!

I made one about 10 years ago...all you need is 3-4" color TVs, 3 of those surplus Delta projection lenses, and a rear projection screen (just shoot the tvs direct into the rear of the screen) or into a front surface mirror about 18" x 24" and then into the screen. You attach the TVs to the lenses and place them into a rig that allows you to point the assemblies exactly where you want them to point for allignment and you got a CRT projection TV! Works pretty well with some ambient light control. The mirror allows for better keystoning adjustment and the three tvs are to increase the amount of light tv is a little dim, but not bad actually. These days you can get those little 4" color TVs for like 29.95 USD...
From memory they used Schmitt Cassegrain optics?

You might want to contact <a href="">Elite Video in Woburn, MA</a>
<i>"AmPro Parts and Service

We are the former AmPro Prosumer Products (Home Theater) Division, as well as the former <b>Kloss Video factory</b>. We can provide parts, service, support, and technical know-how to repair and maintain your AmPro (and Kloss) projector. We also provide service and parts for LCD projectors made by Telex, Fujitsu, and Christie (electrohome), and sell a complete line of new, state-of-the-art projectors for home theater and business applications."</i>

hope this helps


how did you manage to get the keystone of each of the 3 tv adjusted?

correct me if im wrong but you have to point the 2 outter crts inward so that the 3 images lay one on top of another, right? you would have keystone effect on those two. were the edges blurry? also did you setup the 3 tvs so that one is red other blue and other green (using the color and tint adjustments) or just leave them how they were?

keystone capers

Indeed the outer two TVs did need to be angled inward...what I did was this:
each TV had arm sticking out from the front of it with a first surface mirror clipped to the arm on a ball socket that I got from a rear view mirror assembly (I think that's what it was, but you get the idea). Then each unit was pointed up at the ceiling and the mirror on each unit reflected into the rear proj screen. Keystoning was adjusted by angling each unit and adjusting each mirror...I wasn't able to totally dial the whole thing in due to wife problems(get that contraption out of my living room) and a subsequent move whereupon many parts were lost...
additional crt projection detail

Forgot to mention that I intended to use all three as the time all I could afford was one color and two black and white, obviously, color is cheap as I mentioned before. It worked well enough to watch some VHS movies on it and it was fun...
yes, it's a big screen...

Absolutely right. But at that time (ten years ago) big screens were pretty expensive/exclusive...and, yes, it was a lot of work...but as noted in the II thread, I just wanted to see if I could do it, and I did. I wouldn't do it today cause this DIY LCD idea produces much easier/better results.But, fun, after all, is always the bottom line!
kloss novabeam model 0ne

I am trying to fix this, When i turned it on it was ok then after 15 mins or so of being on it made a load POP and turned off, then I turned it back on and it turned on a few moments later it popped agian when i tried to turn it back on only had sound & no pic, after inspecting the boards I noticed a "Critical safety Componet" #648 was popped open & once i close it (I looks like a firecracker) and turned the unit on I got picture agian but the green wasnt strong enough so it tried to turn it up a little with no effect and now the red has dimmed and blue it the brightest one. is there any fuses or relays that countrol the output of the tubes? the picture is great just no color, Any help would be awsome...:hot:
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