Three-way tower conversion

Your new speaker is a gem! The photo probably doesn't do it justice.

For any of you that may not know it, Tim has a small two-way that uses a Fostex tweeter and the CSS/Adire 4.5 inch driver (the 125). I think he has named it the Lisa. I heard those about three weeks ago and they were pretty nice. Both looks and sound were such that they could live in my house............well actually, no they couldn't, as they would make everything else look pretty shabby and I can't afford to remodel/redecorate. The sound was smooth and rendered music just wonderfully. Tim is marketing them as Home Theater speakers, but don't be fooled, they do music!!
I haven't seen or heard his new three ways, but I've heard several speakers that use the Adire Extremus(sp?) woofers and they definately put out the bass. So if Tim has "married" his Lisa speaker with the Exteamus woofers, that must be some speaker.
I listen to Classical music for the most part, and I like a sense of scale, dynamics and solid bass. With a normal sized room I really believe that Tim could probably sell his subwoofers, as they are (for most music) no longer needed.
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Thanks Terry. Now I need to figure out how to sneak them into a club meeting. ;)
I scared my wife when I played an excerpt from Stravinsky's Firebird Suite, Infernal Dance of King Katschei. When she jumped it was both funny and satisfying. :D
I can't imagine pairing a sub with these (except maybe one of the new 18" Tempests). :devilr:
What you need is a Yurt, although the acoustics can be somewhat problematic. If you like nearfield mini-monitors you might be able to get away with a teardrop trailer and some Aura 3" based speakers and a Sonic Impact Amp ("Have tunes will travel"). Having spent most of my life as an indentured servant, I can only envy your carefree life on the open road:^)
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