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Three (3) tda1387x8 DACs

Three (3) tda1387x8 DACs [SOLD]

These are now SOLD!

I have three tda1387 x8 DACs, offered as a batch only. These are the DACs featured in this thread: TDA1387 x8 DAC: let's check its design, mod it -or not-, play music -or not!.

One of these is completely stock.

Two have been modded per the discussion in the thread. I know one of the modded ones requires some debugging, as it works but has a fair amount of noise. I am unsure of the status of the third.

Note: while the rear panel has USB ports, those parts are not connected to anything. You need some kind of USB module to enable USB connectivity. Working connectivity is limited to optical or coaxial SPDIF.

Asking $65 including USA shipping for all three.

Note: unfortunately, the postal service in the USA has made it very difficult to ship internationally at a reasonable cost. If you are interested in international shipment, shipping cost is likely to exceed $50 (USD), and must be buyer-paid. You are welcome to provide your own shipping label.


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