Thought I'd share a cool project


2005-01-28 9:46 pm
This project is not mine but I have been following it eagerly. I am impressed by this guy's cleverness, creativity and attention to detail. Unfortunately it's in German so some of you won't be able to read all of it, but the pictures tell the story quite well. I especially like the 3 layer frontbaffle where the inner layer is filled in with concrete.

to see this wonderful project click here

Stixx said:
and ceramic tiles are very stiff, so in conjunction with the glue and the HDF you (supposedly) get a kind of compound material quite inert to the changes of air pressure.
Other people also go long ways to achieve the same, like Wilson in their line of speakers with corian cabinets.

Wilson's website calles their cabinet material "phenolic resin" - is this actually the same material in Corian, and they just want to make it sound really exotic? Maybe it is "exotic" but I didn't know it had been around for awhile in other common products. Who knew an engineered countertop material would turn out to be one of the most accoustically inert materials for building loudspeakers? you think any Wilson owners also use their speakers as makeshift breakfast tables?