Thorens TP13 Rewiring ?

I finally sourced the missing parts from my Thoren TP 13 and
am setting about to rewire that Puppy with Cardas wire.
The first snag is removing the threaded collar (Head shell/Cartridge holder) it appears to be held by a small vertical drift pin, do I drive this pin out from top to bottom ?

This is my first attempt at tonearm wiring, any help or advice
greatly appreciated.
Hi, i have the tp 16 - the arm that splits in the middle, same problem though.
You drive the pin/puch it out I used a hardened flutet finishing hail, carefully rest the arm between two boards, the pin area unsupported, and carefuly tapping with a small hammer drove the pin out - not hars to do. The problem - the 4 connector pins are - at least in the tp 16 - imbedded in plastic so you cannot unsolder the old wire from those pins.
I know of guys who do not after rewiring use the contact pin assembly, but run the wires with new push on connectors straight to the cartridge,
Good luck.