Thorens TD125 Motor, speed controller and power supply replacement

Now it works with 128 points per period and with input clock freq of 12.288Mhz. I can easily put it on 256 points per period.


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msp430! Thanks for your schematic, I loved it.

Mark Kelly
Thank you for your explanation! It sucked that the motor could'nt be used, but I may not be surprised because it had not ballbearings. Now, I don't know if BB have less noise than brassbushing, but they're usually used on cheap motors with a limitited life span. I have some nice steppermotors here with BB, and it shows me that it can be used for years without wearage. (I have some here in 1Nm with 1.5/deg) :D

Nanook pictures?, How about actual specifications?

True. Thanks. Much better than a picture. :eek:
I found recently a nice, thin high quality Sanyo Denki 1.875/deg stepper motor from a old dot matrix printer. I'll try it as it is easy to generate the exact rpm to a stepper motor, and I would like to find out the levels of tolerances I can get at the specified rpm. I don't expect less vibration or noise compared to my AC syncrous motor, but it'll be fun to test!
(if stepper motors was superiour to AC sync. it would be used for long time ago in TT)

I found out for a while ago that I need to understand sinewaves and vibration compared to PWM (a common method to drive motors) :D

I found this: Strobe Discs | Free Turntable Timing Patterns | Vinyl Engine
I bought my TD 125 MkII in 1982 and it has served me very well. I converted it to Direct Drive about three years ago using an inexpensive Technics deck as a donor! It wasn't an easy job, but works very well.


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