Thorens TD-124 newbie

I am interested in purchasing a TD-124 (perhaps something on ebay) and restoring it. Since i have just stumbled onto the cult of the TD-124 and now next to nothing i was hoping some kind souls would give me a push in the right direction;
What questions to ask
What to look for
What a decent and fair price is?

Neil (maxed out on Rega P3)


Paid Member
2007-03-02 8:04 pm
If you're into sound rather than cult I'd stay away from vintage TD124 and obscene prices it's commanding. I have one, in nice restored condition and although because of sentimental value (it belonged to a friend ) I will never sell it, I don't think it is anything special. Yes, I read those stories too. It's just an old , fartsy clunker and most anything modern (and for sure you're moded Rega) will trounce it easy. Don't buy into vintage mania except you're looking for certain decor in your room.
Regards, L