This store never sent me the panel I bought


2005-04-21 7:48 pm
I bought a panel on MP3PlayerStore (link ) about a month and a half ago and they never sent it.
I asked what was going on and they said to me that they were out of stock, but expecting them soon. BS! :( I have waited 3 more weeks and nothing.
Now I ask for my money back and they don't even answer my mails.

Have I lost 200$? :bawling:
I had the same problem. I even called them up like 5 times and always got the same answer, they were out of stock but would be getting it next week. Right when I was about to email for about the tenth time, I checked my email account that my hotmail address was registered under and found that they had refunded my money. After that I just ordered the Lilliput from (I think thats it). I ordered the LCD from exaudio on the 24th and it arrived the next day, best experience with an online store I have ever had. So my advice, ask for your money back and go to Exaudio.

PS Exaudio are the same people who sell the Lilliputs on eBay.