This link will make Mr. Pass smile !


2001-12-15 3:07 am

Nice system.

Here Passlabs X250.5 at home



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Hi Mert,

They are large 4 way JBL studio monitors model 4345.
Overall 10 cubic feet in volume. 300lb each.

Some specifications

32 - 320 hertz ~18 inch woofers 4 inch voice voice 1 inch excursion, 320- 1200 hertz ~10 inch midcone 3 inch voice coil ,1200 -9000 hertz ~ exponential horn with 1 inch compression driver using aquaplas coated titanium diaphragm, 9,000-21,000 hertz ~slot radiater.

Frequency range 32 hertz - 21 khertz @95 dba.

I built up these clones in 2004 with the assistance of the original design engineer Greg Timbers at JBL and some other member on the Lansing Heritage forums.

Its a fairly old design by todays standards but they are impressive when properly setup.

They seem to work well with the Passlabs amplification


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I have some Dynaudio on loan but I prefer the JBL, freedom from power compression. The disadvantage is they really need to be biamped to avoid response issues around 100 hertz using a full passive crossover.

The plan is to build this design in 2008 and literally play with all my Pass amps. Its an nice easy 8 ohm load and can produce a nearly perfect square wave in terms of phase response.


2006-12-11 9:10 pm

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