This is not just another gainclone

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ashok said:
Hi Andrew, I wasn't talking about cellular ( foamed) insulation, I was talking about real air core. They have spacers to keep the core at the center . Between spacers the core is free standing.
I'll try to find a picture of that . It's been there for a long time.
It's available here in the local market. It needs a large bending radius to keep the section from collapsing.

Edit : Here is one of them. The spacer runs linearly all through. I thought I saw one cable with spaced discs at intervals. I could be wrong. If I find that I'll post another picture. But this one is pretty much 'mostly' air spaced.
that's what I meant by cellular. Not foamed, but it too uses air to replace the mass of dielectric.
12V single supply gainclones

Recently I was working on my Audio Note speakers' crossover net work, and for convenient, I just use a small amp from my small active speaker to drive them, while I tune the cross over parts. The sound was quite Ok though not high end. The amp used a TDA7266 with a single 12V power supply which is BTL with no output cap. The only tweak I did to the amp was to use Sanyo Os Con cap at the output of the (built to wall plug, 12V 2A ) switching PS power supply of the amp.
I had good experience with the LM1875 and TDA 2030 in my other active speakers.
Now I am really curious to try the TDA 2030/TDA 2050 with the 12V DC switching single power supply as I have lots of them around, while I have recently found a nice coaxial small speaker in China that I could carry around easily.

I have a small amp with old LA4625 power IC with RCA input plug, output speaker posts, FM tuner, volume control and tone control that seemed to be a good thing to disect. Most important it received the 12V supply readily with the same type of plug.

Some due dilligent is in order, and this thread that has run for 5 years with all kind of problems and permutations discussed may be the best place to ask.

Can I use the inverted input for a single supply? I just need 4-6Watts but of very good quality. I will use Os Con, and Rifa/Wima MKP or even PIO cap if the size can fit. I will eventually need to open up the wall plug to mod the switching mode PS if they could produce decent sound. A friend told me switching mode cud sound better then the transformer if the DC rectified from the wall Ac and the high freq transformer are good. The regulator caps must maintain the capacitance up to 100Kc/s too.

Seperately for speaker cable, cat-5 or cat-6, sud they be twisted together or how was it being made into the correct configuration?

As I have perhaps 12 LM3886 around, after this I am looking to change my old Mcintosh receiver's power section with this goody, I hope they sound much better...!:eek: :eek: :bigeyes: :bigeyes:

They are doing strange things. Once I ordered LME49600. They shipped without any problems.
After some month I tried to order LM4780 sample. Got confirmation e-mail which had a link to shipping fee payment. I cancelled order. So I tried 2 more times with other chips, but the same result. 10 days ago I tried luck with LM4780 again. Got e-mail saying that samples will be shipped 3-15 days. So I am still waiting. Though I have not received e-mail confirming that samples have shipped from Singapore.
Will see.
Quantity: 2

Destination: Latvia
PO Number : 1085xxxx

This device was not in stock in our Singapore warehouse and
is backordered. This means that your delivery will be delayed
beyond the typical 3-7 days.

Please do not resubmit your sample request for the same device,
as we will continue to process this order as soon as we can.

I will definitely buy some stuff from them after testing these both
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