This Explains Everything!

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This Explains Everything!


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Highway to HongKong

A man finds a corked bottle with a Djinn sitting in the bottle, begging to be set free and promising anything for it. So the man opens the cork a bit and asks the Djinn if this a promise. "Of course", says the Djinn, "let me out please, i'm in here for the last millienium, please!" So the man lets him out and muses about his 1st wish.
"Well", he asks, "could you please build me a highway form here to HongKong, a DIY one, of course, and, 6 lanes please!"
"For demo purpose? A highway with 6 lanes? are you out of your mind? A demo!? please think about something else!"
"Ok", the man replies, "please explain me how women think!"
The Djinn's face 1st takes a very upset expression, then a blank one, "what about this highway thing, what is a highway, how many lanes? to where do you want it, to HongKong?"

DIY females, please replace the man with a woman, women with men and the Djinn with a Djinnie :)
gratuitous image Inspiration

Hey all,

Maybe this isn't so gratuitous/superfluous after all...

It just gave me an inspriation:

Next time you build a project, why not put it in boxes made to look this way? I'm picturing a simple DIY line stage called "Man" and a dual monaural amp called "Woman." You can add all kinds of cool volt meters, bias pots, variac dials, etc. to the face of the "Woman," along with whatever extraneous, gaudy, nonfunctional controls you can scrounge. Heck, I've always loved buttons and dials ever since I was a kid. (Note: It didn't make me any less baffled by women, though).

Make it really confusing and only you will posess the secret knowlege of how to control your amp! Give all the dials/switches bogus labels to fluff the hilarity.


Ultimate DIY Project.

Hey, maybe this could be the start of a commitee designed DIY multi functional home appliance thread, along the lines of the Dork group of threads.
Maybe we could call this invention the W.I.F.E., short for -

Food &

:D :D :D :D

Hi Bernard, I have on my bookshelf a paperback and on the spine and front cover entitled "Everything To Understand About Women" -
The inside pages are blank.

Regards, Eric.

No retorts from SNAGs or BallBusters thanks.
Also no problems with so called gratituous images from me, and thanks Harry for introducing the concept.
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