This diamond circuit thing.. possible enhancements?

Well I was reading about this diamond circuit and stuff.. so I was sort of curious if it culd be done with mosfets, hmm there's no ground breaking stuff here i guess but..
hmm also the last amp i made i hade zeners to make ca6volt for the vas (and ccs) stages but the zeners i got i had to measure like 10 of them to get 2 that was alike so that sucked so i put in a ccs witl lm317 and 0.1% resistors insted so that's no worry anymore but I'm not sure about the noise issue..
Well anyhow, the this ugly prototype thing seems to sound pretty ok anyhow. but I hav'nt been able to play very much,cos it was late yesterday ,didnt want to disturb the neighbours..

I cound use ccs's instead of 2k resistors but hell, i got too many components already and also, the signals is'nt that big...

But of course i don't use the 4 transistor output thingie in the prototype., but in the older amp that i use every day , i use it.. se circuits below.. (values may vary a little, schematics mostly made so i remember what i did heh)

Oh and also , I may have a new box to do.. found this c.rap in the scrap bin..

[IMGDEAD][/IMGDEAD] a bigger xformer or two or three wouldnt hurt though
..this is how a nokia 5140i picture looks like , might as well have drawn it by hand.. but the thing is ive got this mobyexplorer program installed so i can upload pictures from anywhere to the server, so that's nice..

So this circut below almost similar to the last circuit i built in my everyday use amp...

see i tried to make it "production friendly 'kind of' "
this is even one step earlier.. here below..