This could be handy...Cirmech multi rail psu pcb - Aliexpress


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2018-07-16 10:53 pm
North Notts
Came across this. Could be really handy.

One unregulated rail could supply a class d amp. Regulated dual rail for a dac or pre amp stage and the single reg for whatever.

I plan on powering an Ali ES9038Q2M dac with the +/-, a TPA7498 amp with the unreg rail and the single reg for a Google chromecast audio. All in one box.

Possibly can replace the regs with some of LDOVR 3pin replacement low noise regs.

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Could be handy and you could modify the PCB such that both big electrolytic capacitors are on the part you use as unregulated power supply.
If you replace the standard voltage regulators with low-drop versions, be careful if the new regulators have a different pin layout.

NB: In the description of the board it is stated that AC20V leaves the possibility for 1.25-37V out. This is not correct. The max. output voltage with 20Vac in will be some 25Vdc out, also due the the drop voltage to keep the regulator active.