Thinning RTV Silicon ?


2002-05-22 11:55 am
If the material is the same as that used for mould making ,it can respond well to the addition of silicone oil.
But it does depend on the chemistry and formulation of the rubber .

If it's the single part stuff thats used for sealing bath tubs etc , not sure about that.

In either case some experimentation will be needed because additives will change the properties of the rubber.
Silicon oil , thins but also reduces hardness and tear strength.



2007-03-18 9:22 am
Buy runny silicone in the first place.
thinning it might mess up the curing.

I use some neutral cure stuff at work that is about the consistency of cold engine oil. It comes in a normal cartridge and it actually pours out the standard cartridge hole.
if you make a puddle it will settle and cure just under 1mm thick.
I used it to make a new section of floor in an old fridge. it took about 2 weeks for a 1 inch thick pour to set.

Look for types designed for potting components, these are thin to let the bubbles out.