Thinn high quality Audio cable wanted for Stereo Jack plug, 3.5mm

I am looking for a top quality cable, suited for the small spaces in the solder aera of ordinary 3,5mm stereo jack plug like this:
RS | Connectors | Audio or Video | Jack Connectors | 3.5mm RS.
What is here a good choice ?

An another possibility is the use of 3,5mm stereo jack plug with more space in the solder aera - then I could find an appropriate cable much more easier. But I dont find such jack plug.
In the moment I use an adapter from 3,5mm plug for using 6,3mm plug versions, but I don't like that.
The distance between PC sound card and the amp input is approximately 10 meters, so the capacitance must be as low as possible and the quality of screen must be good at the same time.

Thank you for your hints in advance and merry Christmas
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I don't see what I was refering to on that site. GotTry this: Cardas Audio

3x20.5 awg twisted triad. Or similar.

10 M is a long way, do you have a buffer as I doubt the sound card has a low enough impedance to drive that much cable well even with a low capacitance.

I don't know, what 3x20.5 awg (American Wire Gauge) means. How thick is the outer diameter of the whole cable?