Thinking about a small active monitor. Phantom Reactor DIY?

So basically I'm a little bit in love with both the Kef LSX and the Devialet Phantom Reactor. They are both small active systems, but work quite differently. The Kef LSX is a proper high class speaker, where the Reactor is more of a party boombox on steroids. :D

I think it's amazing what the Reactor does, and enjoy it more than the LSX.

Anyway, I've been thinking of doing something like this, but DIY. I have two Hypex Fusion FA123 amps. I would mount them in the stands to maximize the space in the speaker itself.

Because of the small size, I'm looking at woofer-passive combinations, to ensure proper SPL at lower frequencies. I don't think I can match the Phantom's low end, but I hope slightly more than the LSX is possible.

Any ideas for a woofer?
I could also do a miniature subwoofer with a fullrange, would look better too.

Extra edit: the FA123 has two 125watt amps and a 100watt tweeter channel that I can not use full-range.
When I would go for miniature sub+fullrange, the tweeter channel will be left unused. (Or I might use it for a rear firing supertweeter) When In would go for a tweeter/woofer combination, I can bridge them.

The Tang Band W8-2314 is also interesting. Have to see if it works well with passive's. It is too big though.
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For now I think I'll design something with the Tang Band W6-2313 coaxial in a small sealed enclosure. This together with a stand that incorporates the Fusion Amp and a bass reflex enclosure (or sealed with passives) with the (for example) Tang Band W6-2100.

It feels like cheating as it's not all in the same enclosure, but it's a solution that should be relatively easy to sound good at moderate listening levels.