thielle small parameters of a 10" SVS PB1000 sub


2008-02-09 6:52 pm
Thanks Richie,
I wanted to make a shortcut and not to measure the parameters. This will be the last resort.
I never thought of contacting the manufacturer because i did not believe he will relieve the data, but you're right it deserves a try.
As for copying the SVS design, I want to build a "Sonosub" tube enclosure because of space restrictions, besides I do not have the existing box dimensions (I have only the driver), I might find the box dimension and port diameter but not the port's length.


2013-10-08 12:26 pm
Even if the woofer looks identical to a known woofer, the parameters can still be different as many manufacturers use woofers specially made to their own specs. Making your enclosure the same size as the PB1000 is also no guarantee to succes, as SVS could be using EQ.
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