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Thiel TM3 cabinets from the auction. new in box

These are from the Thiel liquidation auction a month or so ago. I am keeping a few but have extra pairs. Price is per pair. Cabinets are driver ready with mounting threads and a ~7" x ~2" tapered port. Very nice Rosewood cabinets made in China. Very clean workmanship. The complete TM3 sold for $3,500. These would be a great benefit to someone wanting to get into the DIY speaker building who does not have the cabinet skills. Looks to be about 12-14 liters. 2" by 6-7" port installed.

The tweeter opening is 105mm with a 4 hole mount which will accept many Seas or other brand tweeters (Thiel used a Seas). Most Seas tweeters are 104mm. This tweeter would fit (yours to verify): SEAS Prestige 27TDFC (H1189) Textile Dome Tweeter

The woofer opening is 182mm with a six hole mount. Thiel used a Scan-Speak woofer and there are similar woofers on the Madisound site. There are also other woofers that will fit, find one that is close to the cabinet volume need. Or, as I intend to do, put in an adapter ring for a different woofer. I suspect (yours to verify) that this SS woofer from Madisound is the basis for the Thiel woofer and should (yours to verify) work well: Scanspeak Discovery 18W/4434G-00, 7" Midwoofer, 4 ohm

I am in Northern VA, they are new in the box and the boxes are large.