Thiel / Small parameters for JBL 12"

I have become the happy owner of a JBL HT1 souround set.
The subs are actually quite good for movie watching, but they are pretty big (more than 100l).

I building a new listening room / HT, and will build a podium for the second row. The podium will easily contain both 12" drivers and the volumen could easily be made even greater than the 110l thay have now.
I would therefore like to do a little silulating :)

Does anyone have access to the driver parameters?

The units are named 512GS (75744) ...... yes I have tried to obtain this from JBL without any luck :cannotbe:

I could of course easily measure it myself, but on the other hand if I could get the data without the time and work, I could spent time on the room instead ;)

Thanks a lot in advance ;)


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