is the linaeum dipole in the 550 the same as in the lx-5?

i've got the older ones, lx-5 kicking around somewhere and was planning on freeing the lineaums from their radio shack bondage when my clio setup arrives(unfortunately, old colony sound labs is telling me this will be four weeks!). if they are the same ones then i'd be happy to post/email the data.


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2001-12-12 8:47 am
"is the linaeum dipole in the 550 the same as in the lx-5?"

It does not appear to be the same tweeter. It has a different part replacemtne number for the tweeter than the original LX-5 and a wh ile back someone on Madisound board measured on and off axis response of the LX550 dipole tweeter and it looked VERY different than measurements I have made and seen of the ET-6 and ET-8 tweeters found on older Optimus products such as the LX-5, LX-8, etc.. However, I have not measured the LX550 tweeter myself. But i tend to trust the person who made the measurements.

LX-550 Measurements:

An on-axis measurement of the original LX-5 I made some while ago.

You will notice that while both have a null on axis, it is in very different places for each tweeter, off axis response is also different, but I did not save that measurement.