Thiel CS3 - a drop in replacement tweeter for Dynaudio D-28 AF?

Hi anu,
Can't you find the original Dynaudio D-28 AF tweeter?! Are they beyond repair?
In case you need references the Eton 25SD-1, 1" Soft Dome, is a direct replacement. Be aware, I would be suspicious without experiencing or first testing. The Dynaudio is a 28mm soft dome. The Eton is a 25mm. That shouldn't be a problem for a 3 way, plus different Fs wouldn't make here a big part.
They have the same faceplate 110 mm.
Screws will need new pilot holes 3 vs. 4.
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If they are a little hotter that shouldn't constitute of a problem, the opposite is true. A small calibrated resistor (matched pair) in series will take care of it.
Have fun.