Thermistor for Aleph 3 (Inrush current)

Oh! Thanks to Mr Pass for the help. But as I'm French the my best electronic dealer was RadioSpares, so for the Keystone from Digikey, I can't find it. And buy them by internet it's out of subject.

I'm sure that one little explication on the thermistor and there species in Aleph must be most usefull.
How about CL-40 for TH1?

Sorry if this has been beaten to death, but I read the Aleph 2 service manual and got a bit confused about the TH1 which is to operate at 5 Ohm and TH2 (CL-60) which has a 10 Ohm specification.

Now the CL-40 has a 5 Ohm rating, so is it OK to use it for TH1 and CL-60 for TH2?

Thanks, and sorry about my ignorance concerning thermistors


2002-05-09 4:35 am

Mr. NP thank you for the replay. Here is additional info.

10 Ohm at no load @ 25C
5 Amp - Max Steady State Current
.18 Ohm - Approx Res @ I max

16 Ohm at no load @ 25C
4 Amp - Max Steady State Current
.27 Ohm - Approx Res @ I max

So for this particular Thermistor CL-70 which has 16Ohm resistance and 4A current, I guess if I put 2 in parallel that should drop the resistance even more and increase the current for the regular state.????? Unless I am wrong in my calculations.

Thank you kindly in advance.
Nelson Pass said:
I use CL60's at 2 to 2.5 amps, and not above, as they
get quite hot. I have seen failures at 4 amps or so, so
above 2 amps I run 1 each on the dual primary windings.


I'm plan to use only 2 thermistor CL50 one at primary windings.
of X'former and the other one for the safety ground. Is this going
cause any problem coz the total capacitance value for my Aleph5 power supply is 317mF?

Specs for the thermistor CL50
1. 7 ohms at 25 degrees C ( ambient )
2. Max steady current - 5 Amps